Will you shape the future with us?

From person to person; from person to machine; and from machine to machine: No matter the interaction, digitization is changing the way that communication takes place.

"Will you shape the future with us?" This was the question asked by Supfina Grieshaber, the solution provider, at its first Future Technology Summit on 26 and 27 June 2019.


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Some impressions ...

The speakers for our Future Technology Summit 2019

Tim Cole

Tim Cole

The next five to ten years will decide who will be among the digital winners — and who will be among the losers. Cole’s speech will highlight the value of digital transformation in improving the process efficiency of business activities.

Dr. Cindy Herold

Dr. Cindy Herold

Dr. Cindy Herold holds a doctorate in Systemic Management. That she is comfortable in her work’s scientific foundation can be felt in every breath. How she can also encourage counterparts, change perspectives, and enable people to envision new worlds is a high art and always inspires anew.

Dr Marion A. Weissenberger-Eibl

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marion A. Weissenberger-Eibl

As one of the top 100 most influential women in the German economy today, this futurologist not only heads the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) but she also advises the federal government. Attending her lecture is an absolute must, because shaping the future does not allow delay.

Aya Jaff

Aya Jaff

Born 1995 in Iraq, founder of CoDesign Factory, a limited liability company for the development of innovative products and services. Silicon Valley, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and the ZOLLHOF business incubator are just a few of the stations in her work. Several awards, including from the magazine “DIE ZEIT” as "Mrs. Code". Her lecture "New Business" opens the view to a young, dynamic business world.

Dieter Baumann

Dieter Baumann

Gold-medal winner Dieter Baumann is the most successful long-distance runner in Germany. His speech “Goals, Times, Fences” will feature many stories and examples from his career, from which every listener can learn skills to transform their world. What’s more, Baumann will inspire you to embrace new challenges.

Rainer Bell

Rainer Bell

With more than 20 years of experience in mechanical and plant engineering as well as extensive contacts with customers from a wide range of fields, Rainer Bell understands what drives the manufacturing industry to continuously improve their production facilities' effectiveness. His lecture will explain how to best meet customer expectations today while remaining open to future technologies.

Gerhard Rudloff

Gerhard Rudloff

Gerhard Rudloff was responsible for sales and product management for the automotive sector at Supfina for more than 15 years. He sees many new opportunities resulting from the current changes in this industry. In his lecture, he outlines how Supfina is positioning itself for the future through business transformation and the new business segment New Business, and outlines the advantages for its customers.

The setting for Supfina's first Future Conference was the company's new showroom. This provides a unique overview of the product portfolio and the functionality of Supfina products. In addition to innovations and solutions in the field of high-precision grinding, the summit focused in particular on a journey through the future of production.

Wide range of exciting presentations

After the opening of the first Future Technology Summit on Wednesday morning, Rainer Bell, an experienced Supfina employee, led the visitors through the impressive potential of Internet of Things (IoT) applications to increase production efficiency (OEE). A completely different perspective was offered by the eagerly awaited lecture by Dieter Baumann, gold medal winner and long-distance runner. Under the heading "Goals, Times, Fences" and with personal stories from his exciting career, Baumann captivated the audience and made them want to discover the future at the same time.

The 23-year-old Aya Jaff, known under the nickname "Mrs. Code", offered a young perspective on new business. The successful programmer and startup founder was enthusiastic with her dynamic presentation. One of the best-known futurologists, Prof. Dr. Marion Weissenberger-Eibl, gave an insight into the scientific perspective on practical approaches to innovation management in companies. The Summit participants received practical management know-how from Dr. Cindy Herold, who examined the correct handling of change from the perspective of systemic change management. Another special highlight was the renowned digitization expert Tim Cole with his inspiring lecture on cross-company potentials of digital transformation.

Networking at eye level

In addition to the outstanding speakers, the trend-setting industry conference also offered sufficient space for networking at eye level and for personal exchange on the individual challenges of digital transformation. The Supfina vision of the future was presented by Gerhard Rudloff, who has been responsible for the automotive sector at Supfina for over 15 years and is now Sales Manager in the New Business sector. He outlined the challenges and progress in the transformation process of the Wolfacher solution provider and emphasized customer benefits that can only be achieved through consistent digitalization.

The first Supfina Future Technology Summit ended on 27 June with many new perspectives on the future, intensive technical discussions and enthusiasm on the part of the participants and organizers: "The Future Technology Summit 2019 is the successful start of a series. We are already looking forward to the next edition," said the two Supfina managing directors Karl-Heinz Richber and Oliver Hildebrandt.

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